Peas and Carrots!

Its hard to say there are any vegetables I like better than sugar snap peas, and carrots (except maybe a cucumber, but that is for another post), and they have finally made their way into my currently potted garden. They are planted in the original global buckets design (see previous post) and are doing wonderfully so far. There are six beauteous little sugar snap pea plants surrounding and island of carrots. Yesterday I thinned the carrots to a 1 to 2 inch spacing and nearly wept when I had to be rid of the would-have-been orange jewels. Oh well, thinning is a part of gardening. The little peas are at the frustrating stage where I need to train them to the trellis, and the tall carrots don’t really help much. Its good to know in a few days that they will be climbing the trellis with no human help at all!
My brain can’t help but jump ahead to when I will be plucking plump little pods of the vine and plucking carrots from their bed. mmmmm… there is little better than oven roasted carrots, or eating snap peas cold from the fridge with hummus.

2 comments on “Peas and Carrots!

  1. So cool – I reported on my facebook. We're growing in garden beds on our back porch but your research was way more. We're eating sugar peas every day. Also tomatoes, cilantro, basil, and peppers are being harvested. Growing but not yet ready: sunflowers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, carrots and watermelon.

  2. And Uncle Mike forgot sweet and green onions,zucchini, lettuce, and blueberries! It's a crowded little garden. Thanks for sharing you brilliant niece of ours…

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