Every Plant’s Dream Snack

Last weekend on 4th of July, me and my family harvested worm castings from our worm bin (how patriotic, I know) After the fun but messy experience i have a hefty bucket of worm doo-doo  ready to dry a bit and be worked in as fertilizer. I have found that unmixed or quickly dried unstirred worm castings, end up as little rock like clumps that don’t seem to help at all. This time I’m taking it slow and keeping my bucket in the sun, stirring it everyday to keep the top from getting all hard, while the bottom is a puddle. Soon I’ll mix it into soil, but until then, it will sit in my backyard baking to every plants dream snack.

One comment on “Every Plant’s Dream Snack

  1. Wow your garden is off to a good start! That's amazing that you can grow peas in July! It's too hot to worm compost where I live but my garden friends in Kula have worm bins. They make compost tea out of the worm castings and water or spray their garden with it. One of them sells the compost tea for $5 a gallon – maybe you could make some extra cash!
    Jane (from A Kichen Garden in Kihei Maui)

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