Raised Gardens and all their glory!!!!

Happy New Year!
I have been putting off this post until I could show a garden with life about it’s soil. Me and my dad built this 4×6 garden with the help of Home Depot online.
After constructing the beast, setting it in place, and filling it with drainage rocks and soil, it was ready. I decided to go with square foot gardening. From all that I’ve read, it really is the most space efficient method (correct me if you think otherwise). To make things easier I went  out with some string and some nails, and set up an easy (removable) grid.

Visibly planted I have:
-Burpee yellow and green zucchini (front left)
-pickling and burp-less cucumbers (3 rows back)
-green beans (back row)
As invisible seeds I have:
-Danver half long carrots
-chop-suey mix greens
-salad mix greens
In Sprouting green house:
-cherry tomatoes
-mystery heirloom tomatoes
-yellow bell peppers
-mystery eggplant
I am super stoked!!!! It is finally happening, I am gardening in my garden!

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