What’s Growing On?

 Recently I went to Koolau Farmers and bought some herbs as well as some mite spray.
Growing I have rosemerry, mint, and a potted lemon tree.
Also growing I have:
I am growing a pickling type and a burpless slicing type (Burpee). So far both have their attributes. The pickling is shooting off with blinding speed, but only one of the seeds I planted germinated (of 8). The slicing takes longer to sprout, but of the 8 seeds I planted, 3 plants popped up. No word on taste yet.
still little sproutlings
Mixed greens-
also sproutlings
Only 3 are groing right now as sproutlings because my cat decided to nap on top of them. (see other post on the cat)
Zuchinni Yellow (Burpee)-
taking off at breakneck speed. Already sporting beautiful blossoms (the males soon to be stuffed and baked mmmmm…)
Zuchini (Burpee)-
still growing to full size, haven’yt put out blossoms yet
Green Beans-
all still trying to reach the trellis. I hope they’ll take off soon, I guess patience is an important part of gardening
still sleeping in the dirt
Lima beans-
I cut the stalks off at the roots. Now I am just drying out the vine and attatched beans so I can bag it up, hit it with a tennis raquet, and collect the dried beans (I’ll be sure to post on theat event!)
My Eggplant Tree from Frankies Nursury (grafted jap. eggplant to a tree relative)-
Growing 2 eggplants right now 🙂

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