My Harvest

Here was the bountiful harvest I came home to after a long three days being a PCCS at Girl Scout Camp and chasing around a hyper hoard of Brownies.
From clock-wise from top left I gathered:

Adult arugula leaves
Hericot Vert
Some Asian greens from a Burpee Chop-suey Mix
Baby arugula (my mom’s favorite)
A yellow zuchinni
4 pickling cucumbers

I am super excited to see my cucumbers growing (due to my unfortunate attempts before, they turned orange…..)
Better yet, this week’s new recipe will definitely be pickles. I will post my results on my other blog in the near future 🙂
As for the zucchini, I get to harvest some of his friends today, and I ate him for lunch cut with a portabella mushroom and some cherry tomatoes heated with some spices, a little non-stick spray, and salt on the stove-top. Mmmmmmm….

Until next time,
Keep up the gardening!

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