Garden Fresh Omelets

A Beautiful Start to a Beautiful Morning

This morning I woke up and was motivated to get stuff done….
Ok, while that is not entirely true, after I ignored my 7:15 alarm and slept until 8:07, then I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; I felt fully ready to take on the day. Well, almost fully. I still needed breakfast (It’s the most important meal of the day you know.) Feeling like more than my cereal, I asked my mom what I should have. Reply: “Go make an omelet.” So an omelet I made. With garden fresh ingredients of course.

I went out into my garden and picked two baby zucchini, only 3 inches long with their beautiful golden blossom still attached. While out there I grabbed a few leaves of arugula to add as-well. Inside I did a small kitchen raid of the contents of my local CSA box and was rewarded with a few mushrooms and some flat leafed parsley. Mmmmm…

A wonderful way to use up the never ending supply of zucchini and zucchini blossoms.

Enjoy your own garden fresh creation!

Try this with any combination of fresh garden or local produce, or if needed…. grocery store veggies.
And eat a healthy satisfying breakfast that will impress others as-well as yourself.

And so my omelet went:

On high heat a small pan (omelet sized), reduce to med-high.
Spray with some olive-oil non-stick spray.
Add two small dice button mushrooms and move around.
Thinly slice your fresh picked baby zucchini, chopping the blossom when you reach it, and throw it in with the mushrooms. Stir again.
Chop a small sprig of parsley and add to pan.
Chop 3 or 4 pieces of arugula and add to pan.
With a fork whisk 2 eggs and a splash of milk.
Evenly distribute veggies BEFORE pouring eggs over evenly.
Now cook undisturbed on med to med-high heat until the very edges look slightly puckered and cooked-egg yellow.

Here the edge has been lifted, runnies tucked under,
and is right “wetness.”

Take a rubber spatula and gently circle the pan, lifting the edge of the omelet. (lead with the curved edge if your spatula has a curved and a angled edge.) Then tilt pan with a small bit lifted to get the runny uncooked egg under to the heat. Cook until the top is slightly wet but not raw-egg runny. Add a touch of salt, cracked pepper, and a pinch of mozzarella cheese.

Then, the hard-ish part:  The moment that decides whether you made a fancy scramble or an omelet. (either was on purpose of course 😛   )

Go ahead and circle the pan again. Going under a bit further under each time.
Then using my good friend gravity, tilt the pan and gently fold one edge to the middle. Repeat with opposite side (half folded omelets are too tough for me, I think the 1/3 style is more elegant anyway.)
Gently slide/scoop onto waiting plate.

Top with another pinch of cheese, some more pepper, and a spoonful of Pace-Med-Salsa.

If you have never put salsa on eggs, well one you never lived in Texas for any portion of your life, but you are missing out. The freshness of the tomatoes complements the eggs as well as the other vegetable perfectly. (Also Pace is my favorite for eggs if your are deciding). Otherwise the eggs feel naked, we can’t have that!

Clothe Me!!!!!

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