Spring Cleaning

Hey all!
Last week I was finally able to go in an rejuvenate my suffering garden (and my school stressed self). You’ve gotta love SPRING BREAK πŸ˜€
After the hard rain we had been having+my slight procrastination of garden upkeep, I had a ton of greens to harvest, grass to pull, old plants to pull up (it always makes me sad to see them go, but excited to see what will go in their place), and seedlings to transplant. Phew! Still, I love it!

All the arugula (this is a full sized towel!)


This is after the arugula harvest.

I went out one day and just harvested arugula (from a one foot square) and was up to my ears in the green stuff (My mom is in love with it, no complaints from her side). I ended up with three Safeway bags of the stuff.
*Important tip: when harvesting, use the towel to also COVER or SHADE your greens. I went inside and a bunch of my harvest was wilting at the bottom. I had to race to get it in bags with a damp paper towel and into the fridge.
Cut leaves + sun = :/

All of this from one cutting!!! I was stunned.

Then I went in to tackle some of the neighboring square. It was (and still is) full to bursting with Burpee’s Chop Suey Mix (look behind the harvested arugula to see it before any harvest). I just think of them as the purpose salad/stir-fry square. I only had one Kale plant in the square foot, but the leaves I harvested were enough to make a full gallon freezer bag of spicy Mexican kale chips πŸ™‚

On another venture to the garden I continued to harvest from my stir-fry square. Wheedling through to cut out my tender bok-choy and Chinese cabbage. I can’t wait to have it stir fried with plum sauce. (I think that will be on the menu as tonight’s vegetable. hmmm…..)

The next day I went into my stir fry square, scissors in hand, towel at the ready. I needed to harvest some of the dominant green from the square (I don’t remember what it’s called so don’t ask. If you know, please share πŸ™‚
After a full session of harvesting, I only really shaved a bit off the top (Round 2 this weekend!) Look What I ended up with! I needed to harvest more, but couldn’t fathom that I would use it if any more than this. This pile on my counter was over half a foot high! (Still, the torn off leaves are great in salad, and with stems they shine in stir fry. Easy to eat)

After all of my greens harvesting, I decided to make salad mixes for some of my friends to get it off my hands. I went out and picked some beet and radish greens, divided my mountain of arugula, mystery green, and separated it all into 4 very full Safeway bags. Three of my neighbors found themselves with a wonderful salad base, and we got a huge bag as well. (Though with all that is still in the garden I probably could have given away all 4 and harvested another for our salad….) Ours of course had extra arugula for my mom.

Not only did I Harvest all of this wonder, my Pineapples are growing!!!!!! Look! I never knew that they make flowers on their eyes (the body spikes), so pretty!

I also pulled up my cucumbers after a successful season of pickling and salads. In my next post I’ll show you all the fun things I put in their place πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!

2 comments on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Wow your greens look awesome and your pineapple is beautiful!!! That's an impressive harvest of greens. Don't you just love going out and harvesting a salad or veggies for dinner? I'm so spoiled having a garden!

  2. Thank You πŸ™‚
    I agree, it's the greatest feeling to need something for a meal and realize it's fresh right outside your door. And remember, we may be spoiled by the beautiful outdoors we get to work in and the bounty of our hard work, but our families and neighbors are spoiled rotten as well, they get to eat it all. πŸ˜›

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