About Me

My name is Ashley. I’m a college student, a yoga teacher, I work a part hospital job, AND I’m a homesteader. Homesteading in a rented apartment isn’t easy, especially when most of your classmates are off partying while you are in the garden, but it is possible, and it is a blast. Join me on my misadventures towards living a more sustainable life with no backyard or farm in sight.

I live in my apartment with my many pets and the rotating roommate who puts up with my antics. Sherlock the Ball Python loves to cuddle and is often seen curled up nice and cozy.


Hilina’i and Ginger are my two ratties. They are often on their wheel or keeping me calm and company on my bed.

And I often have a foster cat in the midst.

I am an active community gardener and patio gardener. Soil is essential to my survival. I also enjoy crafting, canning, building, and really anything that I can create with my hands. Thank you for coming on my journey with me.